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Arm-Tex is proud to be a ThermoProbe Supplier. Established in 1983, ThermoProbe manufactures precision portable digital thermometers for explosive environments and specialty applications. Designed to withstand abusive field use, the company's gauging thermometers are specifically constructed to provide safe operation in flammable environments, while ensuring consistently accurate measurements. 

Typically used in applications related to the volume-temperature gauging of chemical and petroleum products, ThermoProbe thermometers are key assets for petroleum inspectors, rail and marine transport, tank farms, refineries, and pipeline facilities.

Developed as a remedy for fragile, inaccurate glass thermometers, ThermoProbe instruments offer unique features and designs not found in other electronic thermometers. ThermoProbe products are also listed as intrinsically safe to Japanese, North American, and European safety standards, making them valuable additions to Arm-Tex's quality offering of high-performing products.

A valued partner for countless companies working across a wide array of fields and industries, Arm-Tex has delivered the world's best products for more than three decades. As a ThermoProbe distributor, we're happy to answer every one of your critical questions and provide recommendations to match you with the right product based on your specific needs. Contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more about ThermoProbe products.