Smart Hose Breakaway Hose Assembly System

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Smart Hose Breakaway Hose Safety System

For fluid transfer applications, accidental pull-aways can result in the uncontrolled release of process media and put operations, people, and the environment at risk. Featuring an integrated flapper system that seals off hose ends when stretched or broken, the Smart-Hose Safety System puts a stop to fluid flow, minimizing the impact of catastrophic hose failure.

Advantages Of The Smart-Hose Break-Away Hose Assembly & Safety System

The Smart-Hose family of safety systems works to keep unplanned events from turning into reportable incidents by attaching custom end fittings to fluid transfer hose ends. The fitting contains a high-performance valve and coating cabling that functions as a compression spring. 

The compression spring keeps the valve system open during normal operating conditions. Still, the integrated valve instantly discharges and stops process media flow if pressure from the compression spring is cut-off as a result of hose failure. 

Smart-Hose Systems offer a variety of benefits:

  • Installation Is Easy
  • Minimizes Spillage
  • Activation Does Not Require Human Intervention
  • Underwater Testing With CDA Or Nitrogen Is Performed 
  • Products Are Serialized 
  • Orders Are Shipped With The Applicable Test Certificate And operating Booklet

Made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials, a Smart-Hose Break-Away Hose Assembly is designed to withstand harsh environments, including high-pressure, cryogenic, and industrial applications. 

Your Smart-House Technology Source 

To incorporate a Smart-Hose Safety System into your fluid transfer process, Arm-Tex is here to help. As a proud distributor for this company in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, we can help you select the best product for your application. 

Regardless of which Smart-Hose Technologies product is right for your operation, the principle is the same. All products can be installed on everything from ¼” ID to 8” ID loading and unloading hose assemblies. The only difference relates to the design of the valve located in each end fitting.

The LL1 features a poppet-style valve integrated into the end fitting, whereas the LL3 utilizes a flapper-style valve. The LL3-B, however, includes a flapper-style valve and an engineered break-away system, which can save valuable equipment and personnel during pull forces like unplanned pull-aways. 

Innovative Product, Versatile Uses 

When handled often in dynamic work environments, hoses are subjected to stress, which can lead to failure. Smart-Hose Systems are ideal for any application where hoses are used to transfer fluids and gases.

  • Plant Piping
  • Bulkhead Piping
  • Tank Truck Piping
  • Loading Arms
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Petroleum Transfer
  • Railroad Car Loading And Unloading
  • Tank Truck Loading And Unloading
  • Chlorine Transfer
  • Ship-To-Shore Transfer
  • High-Pressure Cylinder Filling
  • Steam Transfer
  • Military Applications
  • Oil Rig Transfer
  • Fracking
  • Compressed Gas Transfer
  • Cryogenic Industrial Gas Transfer
  • Pharmaceutical Fluid Transfer
  • Agricultural 
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas Transfer, Or LPG Transfer

Utilize Smart-Hose Technologies Today

When it comes to fluid transfer applications, safety is paramount. Find the right Smart-Hose System for your application by teaming up with Arm-Tex. With decades of fluid-transfer experience, we’re happy to answer your questions and deliver the solution to your location quickly and affordably.  

Contact us to learn more about Smart-Hose Break-Away Hose Assembly & Safety Systems.