Wilcox Hose

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Arm-Tex is a proud Wilcox Hose supplier. A division of US Hose Corporation, Wilcox Hose is engineered to offer top-tier on-the-job performance and chemical compatibility. A certified ISO:9001 composite hose manufacturer, Wilcox Hose creates multiple tight-wound thermoplastic tubes and films that generate a barrier to permeation. Specialized manufacturing techniques ensure the ideal pitch and gauge of the outer and inner wires to assure consistency and conformity every time. 

Wilcox Hose Advantages

Wilcox Hose offers considerable advantages that make it superior to rubber and metal hoses for modern applications:

  • The flexible hose that won't collapse or kink
  • Superior performance and safety
  • Exceptional service life
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Multi-layer construction, which limits the risk of catastrophic failures
  • Great flexibility even at low atmospheric temperatures
  • Age- and fatigue-proof

With hose that exceeds United States Coast Guard and British standards and regulations, Wilcox is a valuable ally for Arm-Tex and its loyal customers, who expect high-performing products that stand the test of time. 

As a trusted Wilcox composite hose distributor, we can help find the right products for your applications. Contact our office to learn more about the Wilcox line of premium composite hoses, along with our many other high-performing products.