NovaFlex Dry Disconnect Couplers

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The next generation in dry-release technology, NovaFlex state-of-the-art couplings, adapters and accessories are specially designed to safely transfer the most valuable, aggressive product with minimal operator intervention.

The NovaFlex Hi-Flow™ Dry-Release™ Couplings (HDC) range exceeds the performance of any and every compatible device on the market today. Drawing on decades of rigorous, real-world application experience, each NovaFlex dry-release accessory optimizes every area of design and function to deliver a truly reliable and innovative safety device that minimizes the risk of fluid loss, equipment damage and dangerous spills.

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Designed to stand up against corrosive, hazardous and volatile liquids, Nova Flex dry disconnect couplers are ideally-equipped to safely transfer acids, solvents and petrochemicals. This durability and versatility makes them a welcome addition to Arm-Tex's diverse line of high-performing fluid-handling safety products. Other common applications for HDC products include:

  • Road/Rail tanker loading/ discharge
  • ISO retrofit & new build
  • IBC containers
  • Offshore rig supply
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Ship to shore/ship/rig transfer
  • Ship manifold exchange
  • Bulk loading/discharge
  • Paints & inks
  • Marine refuelling
  • Bitumen transfer
  • Brewery
  • Food feedstock
  • Hazardous waste transfer
  • Aviation bunkering
  • Exchange manifolds
  • Blending pits
  • Rail locomotive refuelling
  • Tank top/bottom loading
  • DEF - Diesel exhaust fluid


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