Green Portable Access Platforms

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This unit has many features that are great for letting operators safely access railcars, tank, and bulk truck applications. Chief among them is the PAL-100’s fall protection & safety cage, which can be customized to meet your operation's unique needs. And even if your operation has limited space or cannot use a permanent truck loading platform, the PAL-100 comes as a self-supporting unit, so you will still be able to use it.

Arm-Tex is proud to offer Green Manufacturing’s portable access platforms and ladders (PAL-100).


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PAL-100 Fall Protection and Operation Features

Green Manufacturing’s PAL-100 units are reliable, cost-effective, and innovative pieces of equipment and they boast a variety of additional features that can benefit your operation. For instance, they allow you to adjust the platform height from 9’ to 13’. This should give you the amount of vertical articulation necessary to accommodate vehicles of many sizes and projects of various types. The platform itself is 2’ x 4’ and comes fitted with a grip strut surface to keep operators from slipping. And while accessing a vehicle, it rests on rubber bumpers to prevent damage and direct contact with it.

As mentioned earlier, the PAL-100 has a self-supporting design. This ensures that it can remain standing without relying on another support structure, such as a vehicle. This is made possible by its counterweighted design, which is rated at 500 pounds. Around the platform is fall protection & safety cage that can be customized to meet all of the unique needs of your operation.

PAL-100 Materials

The PAL-100 is constructed with high-quality and reliable welded steel with an aluminum cage, 2. 8” fixed direction casters, and 2 .8” swivel casters with breaks. A variety of finishes are available, including hot-dipped galvanized, red oxide primer, gray enamel with safety yellow, or a custom finish. There are also optional features available, such as 10” foam tires or a tow bar. Also, for operations that could benefit from a portable transloading system, the PAL-100 can be customized to fulfill that role.

The Arm-Tex Advantage

The PAL-100 is great for loading and unloading safely while accessing the top of vehicles. For more information, you can find out what equipment and features are best for you by consulting the experts at Arm-Tex. With over 25 years in the fluid transfer and unloading business, we can help you find the right products for your operation in our diverse inventory of industry-leading brands. No matter what type of product you’re interested in, we can get you the best pricing available and ship it out at a competitive speed.