OPW Loading Arms

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This top-of-the-line loading-rack equipment is perfect for transferring all manner of materials to and from tank trucks, railcars, and drums or totes.

Arm-Tex offers a complete line of top loading arms and bottom loading arms from OPW Engineered Systems.

Features of OPW Loading Arms

An OPW loading arm allows for the transfer of gas from one tank to another without having to rely on cumbersome and potentially dangerous hoses. OPW’s swivel joints and OPW Loading Armscounterbalances make this possible, providing all the articulation necessary to transfer products while making sure that no tears or rips occur due to strain or bending. This can eliminate leaks, spills, and plenty of safety hazards that may arise as the gases move through the top and bottom loading arms.

This level of reliability is especially important during the moving of petroleum products, liquefied gases, asphalt, solvents, or hazardous/corrosive chemicals. OPW’s top loading arms can even stop vapor release and product overfills by being fitted with vapor recovery hatch plates and seals or overfill monitors. This makes each of the loading arms great for bulk loading and unloading of products no matter what your application is.

OPW loading arms come in many models

Top arms include:

  • single arm fixed reach loaders with a valve (E-32-F) or without a valve (J-32-F)
  • scissor-type arms with valve (C-32-F) and without (H-32-F)
  • supported boom arms with valve and remote handle (B-32-RF) and without valve (B-32-F)
  • the GT-32-F unsupported boom arm and A-32-F slide sleeve arms. Bottom arms include the G-32-F unsupported boom-type arm, M-32-F “A” Frame loader, AFH-32-F “A” Frame hose loader,  and the short- and long-range spring balanced hose loader (SRH-32-F and LRH-32-F respectively).

Bottom arms include:

  • the G-32-F unsupported boom-type arm
  • M-32-F “A” Frame loader
  • AFH-32-F “A” Frame hose loader
  • the short- and long-range spring balanced hose loader (SRH-32-F and LRH-32-F respectively)

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For over 120 years, OPW Engineered Systems has been a leader in loading rack equipment, product reliability, and customer care. Known for their quality and endurance, OPW’s industry-standard loading arms have become the preferred choice across the world. Arm-Tex is a proud OPW loading arms distributor & supplier. If you would like more information on how these arms could benefit your operation, feel free to contact our experts.