G-Raff Elevating Platforms

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Arm-Tex proudly offers elevating platforms from Green Manufacturing.The G-RAFF line of elevating platforms are the best, patented, elevating platform specifically designed for bulk tankers, whether truck mounted or rail car mounted, on the market today. Since 1983, G-Raff elevating platforms have been providing superior fall prevention to access ALL top domes or manways on a typical tank car or dry bulk truck or rail car.

G-Raff Elevating Platforms


  • Patented, proven design
  • Ideal for loading / unloading various height vessels with multiple compartments
  • Self-supporting, level, elevating work platform and railing enclosure
  • Machine screw actuation with push-button controls
  • Heavy Duty steel construction and top coated to your specifications
  • Simple to install and simple to operate
  • Meets or exceeds ALL OSHA requirements for fall protection

Custom Safety Systems Gallery


Model M-5

  • Designed for tank / bulk trucks, Model M-5 provides fall protection for single-top manholes.
  • Self-adjusting stairs give operators safe access to the top of the platform.
  • Easily customized for your application.

Model M-26

  • Patented elevating platform specifically designed for accessing multiple manways on a meleost tank / bulk truck.
  • Works great with Isotainer loading and unloading

Model HC and TR Series

  • The HC and TR series are patented elevating railing systems specifically designed for continuous fall protection on hopper cars (HC) or tank trucks (TR)
  • Featuring a self-supporting elevating railing enclosure, machine screw actuation, and stationary platform with access stairway.

RTT Series

The RTT series is designed to provide safe access and fall protection like the M-26 and does not require self-leveling stairs. It is retrofitted to existing truck loading platforms, making it ideal for replacing manual gangways. Models range from protecting a single manhole to the entire length of the truck.

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