Fluid Handling Equipment

Since our incorporation in 1989, Arm-Tex has been serving a broad range of customers including the petrochemical, water treatment, food processing, aerospace, pipeline, flow measurement, and commercial construction industries with the safest, most efficient, highest quality, fluid handling, and measurement equipment available. Arm-Tex is a direct distributor of all OEM parts and equipment from the leaders of fluid transfer systems and equipment including OPWFMC Chiksan, Weco, Civacon, Inline Fabrication,  Erect A Step, Sure Seal Butterfly Valves, Turbines, Inc, Mann-Tek, and Enardo.

Arm-Tex is not just a “parts supplier” but a partner with 30 years of experience on hundreds of projects of all sizes and provides the highest level of customer support on the phone or on-site, to any problem or question you may have. Our people can discuss topics from the proper seal to use in a certain valve to designing a 100+  rail car loading/unloading terminal. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge on fluid handling equipment, oilfield equipment, liquid loading systems, safe access, and fall protection equipment, hose assemblies, pipe supports, electrical racks, dry disconnect and safety breakaway fittings, and accurate flow measurement and monitoring equipment.

Every Drop Counts!

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