Pacific Echo Vapor Recovery Hoses

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Built for harsh and high-use settings, Pacific Echo Spiralite W187 petroleum vapor hoses provide safe, reliable vapor recovery for operations that can't afford any vapor loss. Available in 1-12" sizes for any petrochemical application.  Petroleum Storage Terminals are well suited for this lightweight, durable, and easy-to-handle hose for refined product vapor recovery.  Also available in an Ethanol compatible style

Pac. Echo Vapor Recovery Hoses

Pacific Echo Spiralite W187 Vapor Recovery HosePacific Echo Spiralite W187 Details:

  • Easy to install any end connection
  • Highly flexible and lightweight
  • Resistant to light abrasives and chemical vapors
  • Includes Static conductive wire

A trusted manufacturer of high-quality, MADE IN THE USA products, Pacific Echo is an ISO 9001 Certified Company, which has earned a widespread reputation for delivering high-quality, versatile products at an affordable cost. This makes the company a valuable partner for Arm-Tex, which only represents the world's top manufacturers.

For nearly a third of a century, Arm-Tex has delivered the industry's top products to clients working across a wide variety of fields and industries. Throughout this extensive period, we've developed lasting partnerships with the world's best brands, allowing us to provide leading-edge solutions for our customers' most difficult challenges.

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