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excel click bottom loading coupler

Nothing in a fluid handling or storage facility is subjected to use like API couplers. During peak periods, they can be connected and disconnected from trucks, vessels, or railcars dozens of times daily. Streamline fluid transfer processes with CLICK API Bottom Loading Arm Couplers from Excel Loading Systems. 

Benefits Of Excel API Couplers

API Couplings play a pivotal role in the safe, dry, and efficient transfer of toxic and non-toxic materials in industrial applications. They mount onto loading arms and connect with API valves on a wide array of transit modes. 

  • Tanker Trailers 
  • Tanker Ships
  • Super Tankers 
  • Railcars 
  • Liquid Cargo Tanks
  • Tank Container Cars

Sealing surfaces inside the couplers ensure air and water-tight connection. This eliminates leaks, which result in lost products and are hazardous to workers and the environment. 

The CLICK Coupler Advantage

The CLICK Coupler from Excel Loading Systems sets a new standard for API loading arm couplers at liquid transfer terminals. Designed for bottom loading arms, this API coupler enables the final connection of the loading operation to be leak-free while maintaining safe conditions for operators. Features include: 

  • Precision Machined
  • Fast And Reliable Automatic Latching
  • Multitude Of Seals Are Available
  • Stainless Steel Collar
  • Other Components Are Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  • Domestically Manufactured
  • Fast In-Field Replacement Of Seals
  • Four Interlocking Latches
  • Rubber Bumper

Its collar is manufactured in the United States of America from high-quality stainless steel, which is strong, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight. As a result, the CLICK Coupler can stand up to rugged, extreme use. 

Versatile Process Media Transfer Solutions 

The CLICK API Coupler is manufactured per API RP 1004 standard regulations. Advanced materials and an innovative design make it perfect for use by many industries.

- Petroleum Loading

- Chemicals Loading 

- Food Processing Loading

Technical specifications of the CLICK API Coupler: 

  • Design Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Max Working Pressure: 80 PSI
  • Max Coupling Pressure: 100 PSI
  • Max Flow Rate: 660 GPM (150 m3/h 2500 LPM)
  • Rear Flange Diameter: 4” TTMA

Other non-collar components are made of aluminum alloy. Standard seals are either Viton or Buna. All parts subject to wear are hard coated.

Your API Bottom Loading Couplers Partner 

When it comes to transferring process media, results are everything. Leakage during the transfer from a vessel, truck, or train to a facility means lower efficiency and revenue. Move fluids seamlessly with CLICK API bottom loading arm couplers supplied by Arm-Tex. As a leading Excel CLICK API coupler distributor in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, we specialize in providing products that solve fluid transfer challenges. 

Contact us to learn more about API Bottom Loading Couplers. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs in greater detail. 

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