Mann-Tek Dry Gas Couplings

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 A key consideration when transferring LPG or other gases from the tanker trucks, rail tankers, and tank containers used to transport them is the prevention of liquid and vapor spillage during the transfer. Mann-Tek dry gas & LPG couplings solve this problem with an innovative design for virtually spill-free handling that prevents waste and potential harm to personnel and the environment.

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Advantages of Mann-Tek Dry Gas Coupling

The superior performance of dry gas coupling from Mann-Tek offers these advantages:

  • No-spill operation when loading & unloading at transfer stations
  • Safe for handling LPG in liquid & vapor phases
  • Elimination of gas exposure for personnel & property
  • Elimination of human error
  • Minimized health risks
  • Faster loading & unloading times
  • Connection & disconnection under pressure & flow without spillage
  • Reliable & easy to service
  • Very low emissions (o.35 ccs)
  • Improved profitability & ROI
  • Approved for safe handling of LPG, propane & butane

Dry Gas Coupling Applications

  • 1” Dry Gas Couplings: Light & heavy-duty vehicle filling nozzle (EN 13760) & vapor recovery lines
  • 2" Dry Gas Couplings: Loading/unloading for bobtail tank trucks & intermediate bulk trucks; vapor recovery lines; connecting pipelines
  • 3" & 2” Dry Gas Couplings: (3” for liquid phase & 2’ for vapor phase): Top-loading of LPG rail tankers; spray loading of both LPG rail tankers & gas trucks with no vapor return; bottom loading of both LPG rail tankers & gas trucks
  • 4" Dry Gas Couplings: Loading/unloading of ship tankers & rail tankers

Modular Design for Security & Individual Solutions

Mann-Tek dry gas couplings can be customized with a variety of optional features that allow for individualized solutions. A coded system ensures security and prevents accidental mixing of products, making this one of the safest coupling systems on the market.

Add the no-spill security of Mann-Tek Dry Gas Coupling to your LPG operation today. Call the experienced sales staff at Arm-Tex to begin configuring a safe and efficient dry gas coupling solution with the options to suit your particular requirements.