DF Series Cartridge Element

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DF Series Cartridge Element

Sediment and debris can discolor or contaminate fluids during handling processes. Effectively remove undesired solids from water, oils, solvents, or other liquids with Dixon Valve’s melt-blown quad pro polypropylene cartridges.

When it comes to processing media filtration, results are everything. A Loss of particulate control means subpar quality or unusable products. Keep contaminants out of your process with a Dixon Valve melt blown quad pro polypropylene cartridge supplied by Arm-Tex. 

Melt Blown Quad Pro Polypropylene Cartridges Explained

A melt blown filter cartridge has a fixed pore structure designed to deliver a high dirt holding capacity. Manufactured from polypropylene, this filter type doesn’t impart taste, odor, or color onto the filtered product. Also called a melt blown polypropylene filter or PP melt blown filter cartridge, it offers more advantages: 

  • Minimizes pressure drop
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Doesn’t compress 
  • High strength

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The Dixon Valve Edge

A Dixon Valve DF Series melt blown quad pro polypropylene cartridge features a four-zone technology that traps larger debris in the outer layers. The inner layers capture fine particulates, which maximizes process media purity. All DF Series cartridge elements are U.S. Food & Drug Administration Title 21 compliant. This standard covers the manufacturing, processing, packaging, and holding of foods, drugs, and cosmetics. 

These cartridge elements are manufactured from premium polypropylene materials and are interchangeable with other manufacturer products. Constructed in a cleanroom environment, they’re free of surfactants, resins, binders, and adhesives. 

Industries Served

Melt blown filter cartridges have a large filtration surface area, ensuring a long service life and high process media flow rate. Many applications can benefit from this cartridge element type.

  • Petroleum exploration
  • Refining
  • Transportation
  • Chemical processing
  • Food and beverage
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Fire protection
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • General manufacturing       

Eliminate Contamination Issues

As a leading fluid handling product distributor in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, we specialize in providing products that resolve challenging filtration issues. Contact us to learn more about Dixon DF Series cartridge elements.