Breakaway Couplers

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Breakaway CouplersArm-Tex breakaway couplers from OPW, Mann-Tek and Dixon are designed specifically to minimize spillage and damage associated with accidental pull or drive away incidents. Breakaway couplers also allow rapid removal of the mobile tankage in emergency situations. The safety breakaway coupling is the "weak link" in your process flow, designed to pull apart, close both ends of the flow path, and then can easliy be put back together to continue operation. It automatically closes when an excessive load, pulls apart, and closes its valves thus immediately eliminating flow on both directions. Any hose or loading arm that has the potential for any movement during the tranfer process can be fitted with a breakaway.

Breakaway Coupler Advantages

  • High flow rate / low pressure drop
  • Operates independently of shut off safety systems and does not require an external power source
  • Valves in both halves close automatically before the main fluid seal releases to atmosphere
  • Will release at any angle of pull
  • Ultra compact design
  • Marine mid hose versions available
  • Easy to re-set on site with one person

Arm-Tex has the knowledge and experience to help you with all of your industrial breakaway couplers questions and projects. Contact us today to let us help find the right coupler for you.