Novaflex Safety Breakaways

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 Avoid spills and equipment damage during fluid transfer processes at your facility with dependable safety breakaway couplings from The Novaflex Group.

When vessels drift or tankers and trains drive off too soon, safety breakaway couplings prevent accidents, protect loading or unloading equipment and eliminate unwanted product release using a separating mechanism and spontaneous automatic shutter. The separating mechanism breaks at a determined break-load whereupon the internal valves automatically close on both sides. This helps minimize downtime, save money, and protect equipment and the environment.

Safety Breakaway Gallery

With a vast product range and commitment to continuous product enhancement, it’s simple to find the right The Novaflex Group safety breakaway coupling for your operation. Manufactured in stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and Hastelloy with 1” to 4” inlets, Novaflex safety breakaway couplings are designed for processes that move liquids, chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial liquids, and liquefied petroleum gases. Safe release angles of up to 180 degrees are available. 

We are a proud Novaflex SBC distributor. Turn to the experts at Arm-Tex for your bulk gas and fluid transfer needs. Founded in 1989, our team is dedicated to solving your fluid handling challenges on time and at a competitive price. Get a quote on Novaflex safety breakaways from Arm-Tex today!