Excel Loading Arms

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These top loading arms and bottom loading arms are piping systems for bulk loading and unloading gases, liquids, and all manner of materials to and from railcars, tank trucks, and drums or totes.

Excel Loading Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer often recognized for the quality and cost-effectiveness of its products.

Arm-Tex is a proud distributor of a line of Excel top & bottom loading arms.

Features of Excel Loading Arms

No matter what the task, Excel loading arms are perfect for the moving of petroleum products, liquefied gases, asphalt, solvents, or hazardous/corrosive chemicals. They use swivel joints and counterbalances while transferring products, giving them enough articulation to avoid tears due to strain or bending. These arms also allow for the transfer of gas from one tank to another without relying on hoses.

Top loading arms from Excel come in many options, from a more affordable fixed reach loading arm to a customizable variable reach arm.

  • Fixed reach loading arms are simple fluid transfer piping systems that, as their name implies, have limited movement.
  • For jobs that require a bit more articulation, variable reach top loading arms will work best since they have a swivel function that gives it some flexibility.

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