Green Spill Containment Truck Pans

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Green has been a leader in safety equipment manufacturing for many decades now, and Arm-Tex is proud to include their products in our inventory, such as their railcar & tank truck pans. These units help keep your vehicles and the environment around them clean by containing spills and runoff that might occur during content transfer operations. They are a must in the loading and unloading industry to keep your workers, equipment, and environment clean and safe.

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Features of Green’s Spill Containment Pans

These units can be used as railcar & tank truck pans to help keep your operation, vehicles, and equipment, and the environment clean. They can be used individually or laid down end-to-end to get coverage over a greater area. Like Green’s other equipment, they are completely customizable, letting you order containment pans at just the right length to optimally serve your operation. In hot or cold weather, they will contain incidental spills and runoff during rail car or truck content transfer operations. And they work well as either permanent or portable units, with available outrigger pan options for operations that want spill containment on both sides of the track.

Materials of Green’s Spill Containment Pans

All of Green’s spill containment pans are made with strong materials such as corrosion-resistant fiberglass, painted steel, and galvanized steel, and they meet and in some cases exceed all local, state, and federal regulations. Installation is quick and easy, requiring very limited site preparation and no need for excavation or modification of your current track. And the pans’ nonporous design ensures that no leakage will occur. For higher capacity spills, you can set them up to be plumbed to another holding tank for easy cleanup.

The Arm-Tex Advantage

If you are interested in adding a no-hassle spill containment pan system to your operation, you won’t find a better product than Green’s nonporous, cost-effective, and innovative pans. For more information on how these containment pans systems could benefit your operation, feel free to contact an expert at Arm-Tex. With over fifty years of experience in the loading and unloading industry, we can talk about your options and recommend products from our inventory of industry-leading brands. And when the time comes to make an order, you can rest assured that you will get your pans at a great price and with timely delivery.