Pacific Echo

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A trusted supplier of high-quality, MADE IN THE USA products, Pacific Echo manufactures tubing and hoses for a broad array of commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational job sites.

Manufacturer of SPIRALITE® brand tubing and hose products, Pacific Echo is an ISO:9001 Certified Company, which has established a worldwide reputation for delivering high-quality, versatile products at an affordable cost. With an uncompromising dedication to product quality, Pacific Echo produces only non-toxic, virgin resins, without recycled or reground materials. It also sources its raw materials directly from industry-leading producers to ensure first-rate quality.

Originally designed for basic water discharge and suction, Pacific Echo products are now used in a diverse array of industries and applications making the company a valued resource for Arm-Tex and its customers.

Common Pacific Echo Applications:

Common applications which use Pacific Echo products include:

  • Mining
  • Dairy
  • Construction
  • Iirrigation
  • Environmental improvement

During the past 30 years, we've acquired a widespread reputation for quality and reliability that's made us a trusted partner for countless businesses. Contact our office to learn more about Pacific Echo products. Our experienced staff is eager to answer your important questions and make recommendations based on your specific requirements.