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Civacon specializes in systems and products to safely monitor, load, and unload petrochemical, petroleum, and dry bulk cargo tanks for both the road and rail industries. A global leader in providing grounding overfill detection, vapor recovery, and bottom loading systems for the petroleum industry, Civacon is also a world-class provider of vacuum loading and pressure discharge systems for rail & road dry bulk. Extending their offerings to the industrial storage tank and agriculture industries, Civacon offers safety access/inspection and pressure/vacuum relief products.

Civacon Product Offering:

Arm-Tex is a Civacon supplier and offers the following products:

Whether you face challenges at the terminal loading rack, with individual rail cars, or an entire fleet of tankers, Civacon systems set the standard for performance even in the most demanding and rigorous applications. Throughout the world, Civacon equipment is hard at work safeguarding against dangerous and costly chemical and petroleum tank overfills, spills, and fugitive vapor emissions. If the profitable, safe handling of dry-bulk commodities and/or hazardous liquids is your concern, Civacon and Arm-Tex are the names to trust.

For over 30 years, Arm-Tex has been a trusted partner for businesses that demand the most reliable, highest-performing fluid handling and monitoring equipment. Contact our office to learn more about Civacon petroleum transfer systems.