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AdaptaStep Roof Crossover System

At Arm-Tex, we’re proud to be a SafeSmart distributor with over 30 years of experience in industrial safety solutions. Find heavy-duty load-bearing products that fit your organization’s access needs completely, such as:

With state-of-the-art SafeSmart platforms and height-adjustable stairs, you can streamline loading and unloading, worksite access, materials transport, maintenance, and many other tasks.

Heavy-Duty SafeSmart Industrial Access Products

There’s no reason for worksite safety to be an obstacle to productivity or efficiency. Implement systems that give your workers the support they need to get the job done quickly and professionally.

SafeLoader — Flatbed Fall Protection

It’s dangerous for workers to climb onto the side of flatbed trailers to load and unload vehicles. Attempting to transfer loads between multiple workers isn’t practical, requiring additional resources and promoting poor posture that can lead to injuries.

The SafeLoader flatbed truck access platform is an ideal answer to these problems. This system features:

  • Lockable heavy-duty caster wheels: Position the SafeLoader platform against flatbed trucks with minimal effort and maximum safety.
  • Self-closing industrial safety gate: Prevent falls with a one-way safety gate that closes automatically behind workers.
  • Support platform rated for industrial operations: Load finished goods, raw materials, and other heavy items with a platform rated for 1,100 pounds.

Loading and unloading this way is simple, secure, and fast — even for a single worker. SafeLoader meets the demanding AS 1657:2018 standards.

One-Way Safety Gates

Stairs and loading areas are places where employees are vulnerable to falls, especially when carrying unwieldy loads. SafeSmart gates help to neutralize the risk of falls, preventing personnel from tumbling through openings accidentally. After operators pass through the industrial safety swing gate, heavy-duty springs close it immediately.

SafeSmart Stairs — AdjustaStair

Construction workers need to move securely throughout the worksite every day, up onto higher platforms or down into excavations. AdjustaStair height-adjustable metal stairs allow contractors to reach assigned tasks quickly.

Carrying tools, equipment, and work materials becomes easier than ever. The OSHA-certified design features portable adjustable metal stairs & handrails for superior fall prevention and grip. There are high-access options and industrial roof crossover stairs available for specialized applications.

AdaptaStep — Platform Stair Ladders

AdaptaStep systems allow your organization to create customized configurations with stairs, platforms, and landings. SafeSmart platforms provide several benefits:

  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight but heavy-duty construction
  • Height-adjustable options
  • Endless shapes for loading and site access
  • Flexible supports

As a trustworthy SafeSmart distributor, we can help you save money compared to tailor-made scaffolding systems. At the same time, SafeSmart products deliver better precision than switchback stairs and extension ladders. Choose from different options for stair width and system height.

Safety Solutions for Every Industry

SafeSmart products bring a new level of safety to countless industries, including:

  • Construction and commercial maintenance
  • Dry goods manufacturing and warehousing
  • Oil and gas
  • Aerospace, land, and maritime transportation
  • Excavation and mining
  • Event management

Common applications range from shipping and exterior work to roofing and bridge maintenance.

A Trusted SafeSmart Distributor

At Arm-Tex, we help you find the right SafeSmart stairs, multi-level platforms, and loading systems for your operations. We have an excellent reputation for high-quality products and top-tier customer support. Choose a SafeSmart Distributor that stands by your business every step of the way. Contact us for more information.

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