Smart-Hose Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly

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Smart Hose Cryogenic Breakaway AssemblyTransfer low-temperature gases and liquids safely with the dependable Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly from Smart-Hose Technologies. Currently, movement of media from one location to another is still largely done by vehicle or vessel. Using flexible hoses to transfer low-temperature fluids is commonplace, and catastrophe can occur if one of these hoses ruptures or breaks. Engineered with a predetermined breakpoint that works in conjunction with integrated valves to immediately halt low-temperature media flow in both directions, the Smart-Hose Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly protects piping and loading arms from devastating consequences when a vessel or vehicle moves away from a loading point. Easily re-attachable after a pull-away incident, the Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly reduces spillage while increasing productivity.

Manufactured using robust 316 stainless steel with rugged shock-proof welded metallic seals and an additional layer of protection to handle media being transported at low temperatures, the Smart-Hose Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly offers full-flow breakaway protection at an affordable price with zero annual maintenance.

The Smart-Hose Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly is currently available for two- and three-inch applications and custom-engineered breakpoints are available. The product can benefit a variety of applications, which include plant piping, bulkhead piping, tank truck piping and loading arms. Operators seeking to strengthen fluid transfer dependability and safety at their facility can trust Smart-Hose Technologies. Renowned for manufacturing products from premium materials, the Pennsylvania company also offers free online training tools for distributors, engineers, and end users.

Find the right bulk gas and liquid transfer hose safety system for your process with assistance from Arm-Tex. A leading fluid handling product distributor in North America, South America, and Asia since 1989, our team strives to understand each customer’s needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, reliable solutions.

Smart-Hose Features

Smart-Hose Technologies Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly Advantages

  • Full flow breakaway design
  • No annual maintenance
  • 360 degree engineered break-away point
  • Shock-proof welded metallic seal
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Integrated to work with the Smart-Hose Safety System

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