OPW Drylok™ Disconnect Couplers

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OPW Drylok Hazardous Liquid CouplersDesigned to stand up against corrosive, volatile and hazardous liquids, OPW's Drylok™ dry disconnect couplers are ideally-equipped to safely transfer solvents, acids and petrochemicals with the assurance that disconnection is NOT possible without the valve being closed.  The OPW Drylok™ all but eliminates even the smallest drip for unparrelled safety.                       

With interlocking handles that prevent uncoupling while valves are open, Drylok™ couplers avert accidental spills, making the product essential for enterprises that can't afford product loss. OPW Drylok™ Disconnect Couplers feature a flat face, which also minimizes fluid loss. This combines with other noteworthy product traits to create a perfect solution for challenges associated with slurries, high flow rates, high-pressure lines and gases.

Drylok™ Benefits:

  • Meets or exceeds every modern emission and worker safety requirement set by OSHA, EPA and others
  • Less than .10 teaspoon (1/2 ml) fluid loss from a 2" unit, making Drylok one of the driest disconnects in the industry
  • OPW Drylok Disconnect Couplers cannot be uncoupled while the valve is open
  • Ease of use, thanks to simple handle action, which engages valve to coupler and closes/opens flow
  • 360-degree orientation ensures proper alignment and seating
  • Less obstruction in interior optimizes flow rate in high-viscosity or high-pressure applications
  • Simplicity of maintenance and repair
  • Low-cost maintenance

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