Green Tank Truck Loading Racks & Platforms

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Green has a reputation for its reliable and cost-effective safety equipment, and Arm-Tex is proud to include its products in our inventory of industry-leading brands, as their tank truck loading racks & platforms.

These units are built with heavy-duty modular construction that is designed to increase the safety and efficiency of your operation.

As with all of Green’s products, these tank truck loading racks & platforms completely comply with O.S.H.A. standards, are easy to install, and can be customized to meet even the most challenging needs of your applications.

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Features of Green’s Tank Truck Loading Racks and Platforms

These units are great for protecting workers from falls, and they provide easy and safe access to tanker hatches. Depending on your application, you can customize your loading rack or platforms to include either single or multiple hatch access. They can also be equipped with different access options like slide tracks, self-leveling stair gangways, and a flat ramp or telescoping gangways all of which can be fitted with Green’s renowned safety cages and enclosures for maximum fall protection. Canopies are also available along with integration options for loading arms and pumping stations.

Green’s engineers have decades of experience and use cutting-edge technology, software, and equipment to create just the right products for your specific application. Many components of the units can be customized, including the loading rack and platform finish. Options include hot-dipped galvanized, red oxide primer, gray enamel with safety yellow, and custom finishes for operations with specific needs. Platforms and loading racks can be single-sided or double-sided and can be ordered with pedestal or chair supports.

The Arm-Tex Advantage

If you want to increase the safety of your operation, you cannot go wrong with equipment by Green. For more information about how these tank truck loading racks & platforms can benefit you, you can contact one of our experts here at Arm-Tex. With decades of experience in the loading and unloading industry, we can let you know all of your options and can even recommend equipment from our inventory of great brands. The competitive prices, consultation, and fast delivery mean buying with Arm-Tex can give you a serious advantage.