Erect-A-Step Generator Access Stairs

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Erect A Step Modular Platform

Generators enable industrial operators to keep working when the electricity cuts out. This equipment is often raised, sometimes even placed atop a roof, and incorporates tubing or electrical conduit. These obstacles can pose hazards.

With generator access stairs, crews can gain safe and fast access to electrical supply systems. Arm-Tex is a proud distributor of this product and others from Erect-A-Step, a leading industrial safety product manufacturer, to clients across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Interested in an ErectaStep stair configuration or modular platform but would love to see a sample model prior to purchasing? Call 800-536-198 or email today to request a free model along with some additional resources!

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Benefits of Generator Access Platforms

The generator access stair is a modular stairway that allows workers to safely and efficiently reach elevated platforms where power-generating equipment operation or maintenance occurs. It features robust construction and lightweight components. Other characteristics include: 

  • OSHA Compliant 
  • No Custom Fabrication 
  • Custom Engineering Is Not Required
  • Slip-Resistant Walking Surface
  • Easy To Assemble 
  • Simple To Reconfigure

The stair can be designed to reach any height necessary. If accessibility to multiple areas of an at-height generator is required, it should be paired with an access platform. Erect-A-Step also manufactures a generator system platform, which seamlessly integrates with this stair. The experts at Arm-Tex can supply you with both of these products.

Components are manufactured from durable galvanized steel, powder-coated steel, or aluminum in the United States of America. Their modular design makes customizations and additions straightforward.  Installation only takes a few hours and requires just bolts and a wrench. As a result, boom trucks, heavy cranes, welding units, and special tools aren’t needed. Most installations take little more than a hand truck and two installers.

Optimize Generator Access With Us

Improve workplace safety with Erect-A-Step access stairs for industrial generators supplied by Arm-Tex. With years of experience, we offer reliable and accountable single-source design, procurement, installation, and testing.

A variety of business sectors can benefit from improved generator access. Examples include: 

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Steel
  • Semiconductor
  • Retail
  • Building Materials
  • Conglomerate
  • Research & Development
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automation/Transporation
  • Automated Production
  • University
  • Recreation
  • Military/Government
  • Power Generation
  • Consumer Goods
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Mining
  • Internet
  • Automation/Transportation
  • Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Internet
  • Aviation/Aerospace
  • Assembly Line

Our team fulfills orders quickly and affordably. The products we distribute are backed by the highest levels of customer support on-site, in the field, and through remote consulting. Contact us for more information about Erect-A-Step stairs for generator access. We’re available to answer questions and discuss your needs further. 

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