Uni-Chem Composite Hose

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Durable and versatile, NovaFlex Uni-Chem Composite hose is manufactured for both in-plant liquid transfer and rail car loading/tank truck delivery. At Arm-Tex, we offer Uni-Chem PG, PS, SS, and SG models of Uni-Chem hose. Comprised of multiple plies of polyester vapor barriers and polypropylene films, these hoses may be operated at full suction or positive pressure. They're also flexible, lightweight, and boast optimal chemical resistance to aggressive media.

Uni-Chem Gallery

Available in a complete spectrum of advanced fabrics and films, Uni-Chem Composite Hoses come with externally-crimped dry seal fittings from 1- to 8-inch diameters.

Available Uni-Chem Hose Models

Uni-Chem PS, PG

  • G - Galvanized Carbon Steel High Tensile Outer Helix
  • P - Inner Helix of Polypropylene Coated Steel
  • S - Outer Helix of 316L Stainless Steel

Uni-Chem SS, SG

  • G - Galvanized Carbon Steel High Tensile Outer Helix
  • S - Inner Helix of 316L Stainless Steel
  • S - Outer Helix of 316L Stainless Steel

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