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Inline Fabrication has you covered when you need to enhance security, access, or performance on the job site. This Texas-based company is recognized as a leading provider of custom-fabricated products for demanding industrial applications, and Arm-Tex is proud to be its trusted distributor.

Weld A Step Modular Platform

The Inline Fabrication Advantage

Inline Fabrication has built its reputation by manufacturing products in the United States of America that exceed applicable industry standards and regulatory requirements. Only high-quality materials are utilized, and operating environments are considered during the design phase.

Custom Security Fencing & Fabrication in Oil & Gas Environments

Crude oil and natural gas play pivotal societal roles, from fueling vehicles to powering homes. Extracting these resources involves remote locations and extreme conditions, such as corrosion and extreme heat or cold. As a result, security fencing and fabricated assemblies must withstand the tests of time.

With advanced equipment, skilled crews, and knowledgeable quality personnel under one roof, Inline Fabrication builds products to your specifications. Fencing, pipe supports, electrical racks, skids, and access platforms are available in various sizes and configurations. 

Your Source For Inline Fabrication Products 

As an Inline Fabrication distributor, Arm-Tex can help find the right products for your application. With decades of experience solving client challenges, we can get you what’s needed on time and under budget, helping you stay productive when it’s most critical. 

We’re proud to be trusted by clients across many industries to provide fluid-handling solutions. 

Contact us to learn more about Inline Fabrication and its product line. Our team is happy to answer your questions. 


Inline Fabrication Products