Liquip Bottom Loading Arms

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Liquip produces some of the most reliable and efficient loading-rack equipment available for transferring materials from tanks and service vehicles.

Arm-Tex is proud to be a distributor of Liquip loading arms.

Any of their products will be great additions to operations that need to move products to and from tank trucks, railcars, and drums or totes with efficiency.

Features of Liquip Loading Arms

Bottom loading arms let you load from the ground. This increases safety since the operator is always on the ground and does not have to worry about falling off of vehicles. They also decrease the generation of static electricity while letting you fill multiple compartments at the same time. Beyond simultaneous loading, bottom loading arms have multiple linking options and can be connected via CCAM and groove fitting, dry disconnect, API coupler, or Acme threaded hammer union.

There are also plenty of accessories offered as attachments that can help reduce spillage and leaks while loading and unloading petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied gases such as LPG, LNG, and propane. Liquip’s reliable technology is well-suited for a range of chemical and aviation fuel products, and their “Velvet Touch” and swivel designs will benefit just about any application out there.

Bottom Loading Arms    Bottom Loading Arm Diagram

Buying with Arm-Tex

With over two decades of experience and an inventory of industry-leading brands, Arm-Tex can help you build the perfect Liquip loading system for your operation. If you have any questions or need assistance in creating the ideal transfer loading system for your needs, feel free to consult Arm-Tex’s team of experts.