Mann-Tek Safety Breakaway Couplings

One of the most successful innovations in Mann-Tek’s line of quality couplings for the fluid transfer industry has been the development of safety breakaway couplings. These environmentally-friendly devices are designed to prevent common pull-away accidents and protect terminal equipment and personnel from damage and exposure due to product spillage.

Design Features

Safety Breakaways are designed for both industrial and marine applications. Industrial safety breakaways are typically installed in a loader arm or hose assembly, with one side of the coupling in a fixed position. The marine breakaway coupler is installed between two strings of hose. Safety features of Mann-Tek Breakaway Couplers include:

  • Automatic self-closing valves in each coupler half
  • Three external safety break bolts
  • Diverted breaking point
  • Predetermined break load based on hose break load plus a margin of error
  • Industrial breakaway couplers: activation when tensile force is applied at an angle up to 90°
  • Marine breakaway couplers: release activated by an in-line pull
  • Manufactured to worldwide standards including ISO9001, PED 97/23/EC, TDT, TUV, Apragaz, FMC, Gost, ATEX

Advantages of Safety Breakaway Couplings

In situations where tension and torque on hoses or human error during loading/unloading operations might result in serious injury, costly loss of product, and devastating environmental impact, safety breakaways more than pay for themselves. Mann-Tek SBCouplings® offer these advantages to operators in the fluid transfer industry:

  • Simplicity of design
  • Light-weight & robust materials
  • Made to exacting industry standards
  • Automatic shut-off without need for external power
  • Easy, one-person reset capability without hand tools
  • Positive shut-off with minimal product loss
  • Passive protection against human error & unforeseen circumstances
  • Cost-effective precaution for avoiding regulatory fines & clean-up charges

Arm-Tex Distribution Services

As direct distributors of Mann-Tek equipment to the fluid transfer industry, Arm-Tex is always on the lookout for quality products that improve our customers’ operations. Since 1989, we have supplied fluid transfer products from around the world to our clients in the U.S., South America, and Asia. You can count on Arm-Tex for innovative products, OEM parts, and practical solutions to your operational challenges. Contact our sales professionals to explore the advantages of Mann-Tek safety breakaways & couplings.