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Loading and unloading flatbeds is a potentially dangerous process when attempted without a proper safety platform. The Safeloader Flatbed Truck Access Platform is a transportable safety platform with lockable wheels that allows you to position yourself next to the flatbed, reducing, if not eliminating, the risk of falling.

At Arm-Tex, we offer all the equipment you need to keep your employees safe. The Safeloader is only one example of our extensive product list, but it is a popular and robust piece of equipment. Contact us if you would like to inquire about the Safeloader platform or if you want more information on our other safety systems.

Features and Benefits of the Safeloader Flatbed Truck Access Platform

The loading flatbed fall protection system meets all OSHA requirements, and it includes a self-closing, one-way swing gate as per AS1657:2018 regulations. It also meets all other requirements of the standard, ensuring your work sight remains compliant.

The rolling platform uses 8-inch heavy-duty swivel castors that can lock down. Because of the wheels, one or two operators can easily maneuver the platform into position. Also, the stair access is at a 45-degree incline and includes anti-slip treads to minimize injury risks. To ensure a rigid design, the manufacturers made the entire platform from cross-braced aluminum.

The Safeloader truck access platform is a versatile piece of equipment as well. You can purchase the platform in 6-, 12-, and 24-foot lengths, or you can buy multiple lengths and bolt them together for a custom length platform. Also, for easy portability, the platform comes with crane lifting points and has bolt-on forklift channels available.

Applications of the Platform

The platform increases productivity and works in many environments and with many pieces of equipment, not just flatbeds. You can also use the platform with heavy-duty vehicles and machinery, like mining machines and trains. Also, it is customizable to meet any of your industry demands or requirements. Some industries that may find practical use for the platform include:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical processing
  • Construction
  • Oil & gas
  • Transportation and logistics

Premier Dealer for Safety and OSHA-Approved Equipment

The Safeloader Flatbed Truck Access Platform is a necessary piece of safety equipment that is versatile. Arm-Tex is a premier dealer of the Safeloader platform and other safety platforms. If you are ready to ensure your workers’ safety with OSHA compliant equipment that reduces fall risks while increasing productivity, contact our team to learn more.

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