Polystar Poly Dike MPE

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Poly Dike MPE

Although safety is a priority for manufacturing, industrial, and construction operators, spills do happen. Without proper safeguards, uncontrolled releases of hazardous liquids can have a devastating effect on the worksite, essential personnel, and the surrounding ecosystem. 

Keep leaks from shutting down a project or harming the environment with a Poly Dike MPE spill containment system from Polystar Containment, a premier fluid retention manufacturer. Arm-Tex offers these impermanent, easy-to-assemble dikes in many configurations and sizes. 

What’s A Temporary Dike?

Dikes, which are also called berms, are ridges that help to regulate water levels. They are often used to protect against or prevent flooding. Unlike dams, they are designed to have water on one side of the barrier.

Temporary dikes redirect fluids to a chosen stabilized area. This eliminates the negative impacts of chemicals, oils, greases, lubricants, and other liquids commonly used in industrial processes. 

The Polystar Poly Dike MPE spill containment system is an easy way to improve safety and environmental protection on the job site. Examples include:

  • Limited site preparation
  • No excavation needed
  • Fast and clean installation
  • Immediate use
  • Non-porous design
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Portability

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Resilient Construction 

The rugged Poly Dike MPE quickly absorbs the impact of a catastrophic tank failure without loss. A locking connector on each interlocking joint secures the structure by integrating directly within the wall strut. This joining system ensures high structural strength with minimal installation effort.

With the wall struts in place, the secondary containment dike system ties together with a heavy-duty cabled harness assembly. Pigtails ending in solid steel D-rings support all four sides of the harness assembly. These D-rings slide into custom-designed slots in the wall struts and are anchored in place by the locking connector.

Stretching the harness assembly taut creates a unified, high-strength structure. After setting up the Poly Dike MPE portable containment system, a flexible liner is rolled out and draped over the wall struts. Tightening the liner with liner locks completes the non-porous spill containment system.


The Poly Dike MPE spill containment system doesn’t need to be secured to a substrate, which makes setup quick and easy. Special tools or lifting equipment are not required. It’s suitable for long-term or temporary use in the following environments:

  • Parking lots
  • Sand
  • Rocky soil
  • Muddy soil
  • Frozen soil
  • Concrete areas

The uniquely angled wall strut design prevents material loss and protects against environmental contamination by forcing flow back into the dike system and not over the wall. With a modular and portable design, this secondary spill containment dike system’s components can be safely and securely stacked for transportation and storage. 

Your Impermanent Dike Solutions Provider 

Hazardous material leaks on the job site are undesirable but often unavoidable. Deploying the Poly Dike MPE can eliminate health, safety, environmental concerns, though. This frees project managers to focus on core processes. 

Obtain a temporary dike system for your application with support from Arm-Tex. We’re a proud Polystar Containment distributor across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Give us a call to learn more about spill containment products.