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AdaptaStep Roof Crossover System

AdaptaStep is an industrial roof crossover system that streamlines industrial operations while providing unparalleled adaptability. AdaptaStep can combine work platforms and height-adjustable secure stairways for rooftop maintenance, construction, and other applications. Designed for permanent, temporary, and portable worksite needs, this high-performance modular system allows for countless configurations and only takes minutes to install.

Why is AdaptaStep a Good Choice for Industrial Applications?

Manufacturers, commercial HVAC contractors, builders, industrial maintenance teams, and warehouse personnel need practical solutions for rooftop access.

AdaptaStep roof walkway systems provide the portability, versatility, and precision that conventional cookie-cutter options can’t. Businesses can accommodate project needs better with the right dimensions for the job.

At the same time, AdaptaStep avoids the need for bespoke systems created on-site. Modular crossover stairs provide significant customization at a lower overall cost.

Which Industrial Roof Crossover System Configuration Do You Need?

At Arm-Tex, we provide a wide range of AdaptaStep module options, including:

  • 45-degree stair module
  • 70-degree ladder module
  • 90-degree vertical ladder module
  • Platform extrusions
  • Structural support extrusions

Each heavy-duty aluminum module rests firmly in surrounding extrusions, offering significant strength and support. Secure powder-coated handrail panels improve operational safety.

We also offer specialized hardware for industry-specific applications, such as solutions for electrical tasks. Mounting plates offer increased support in rain, snow, and other demanding weather conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Industrial Roof Crossover Ramps?

Good safety equipment is essential in every area of factories and construction projects, but it’s especially important for elevated work environments such as rooftops. Investing in industrial roof crossover stairs provides enormous benefits for your business and your employees:

  • Accident prevention: Precise-fit systems with handrails and stairs prevent tripping, slipping accidents, and dangerous falls.
  • Productivity: Implementing pathways to safely avoid pipes and protrusions means your workers can reach their destination more quickly.
  • Durability: Marine-grade aluminum offers exceptional resistance in outdoor environments.
  • Ease of installation: Connections slot and bolt together quickly, reducing the personnel necessary for setup and eliminating the need for cranes or welding.
  • Customizability: With so many options for module angle, length, stair width, and handrail style, designing the industrial roof crossover system for your building is a breeze.

AdaptaStep modules are fully compliant with industry standards, including OSHA, IBC, and ADA.

What Size Options Are Available?

Ladder modules are available in 36-inch and 48-inch widths. We can accommodate the following lengths:

  • 45-degree modules: 19 to 95 inches (in 9.5-inch increments)
  • 70-degree modules: 24 to 144 inches (in 12-inch increments)
  • 90-degree modules: 24 to 144 inches (in 12-inch increments)

Our helpful team can help you find the right industrial roof crossover system for your operations.

How Can Your Business Use Roof Walkway Systems?

The main application for industrial roof crossover ramps is for construction and maintenance personnel to safely perform rooftop duties. With planning, your organization can also implement a system of walkways for efficient travel between plant areas.

AdaptaStep systems are just as useful for indoor applications, such as:

  • Industrial equipment protection
  • Authorized personnel access
  • Unauthorized access prevention
  • Work elevators and ladders
  • Fall prevention around heavy machinery

We work extensively with countless industries, including hospitals, logistics and storage businesses, petrochemical manufacturers, energy plants, schools and universities, and airports.

Why Choose Arm-Tex?

At Arm-Tex, we have a legendary reputation for customer service. We help with ordering, assist during installation, and offer ongoing support. We offer excellent products and best-in-market pricing for industrial businesses.

Learn More About AdaptaStep Industrial Roof Crossover Stairs

AdaptaStep is a smart solution for industrial access challenges. Thanks to lightweight design, heavy-duty materials, and versatile modular configurations, this industrial roof crossover system meets demanding rooftop access specifications: across voids, between levels, around equipment, and over ductwork, conveyors, and pipes. At Arm-Tex, we’re the leaders in national and international safety systems.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities with AdaptaStep.

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