YellowGate RS Handrail

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To ensure efficient operations and, most importantly, employee welfare on the production floor, facilities across all types of industries must adhere to several safety standards. Handrail systems are a great way to improve stability and support for workers on the move.

Portable Handrail System

Arm-Tex offers a portable safety railing system, or RS, from YellowGate, a leading industrial safety product manufacturer. The YellowGate RS is an OSHA-complaint mobile, modular, and expandable safety handrail system that suits an array of safety applications. 

YellowGate RS Handrail

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A YellowGate RS delivers superior flexibility, which helps create a safer working environment. Ease of transport plus in-field or on-site adjustability without the need for tools makes this handrail safety system ideal for a range of environments, including the following:

  • Rooftops
  • Walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Spans
  • Overpasses
  • Bridges
  • Work elevator access
  • Unauthorized area access prevention
  • Slip or fall safeguard
  • Machinery protection
  • Authorized personnel access


All railing systems from YellowGate, an Erect-A-Step brand, are manufactured in the United States of America from robust materials that can withstand indoor and outdoor work environments. Features of a YellowGate RS handrail include:

  • Non-penetrating, portable aluminum handrails
  • No tools required, rail anchors use quick release stainless steel pins
  • Field-adjustable and completely mobile
  • Meets the latest OSHA required 42-inch, or 1,067-millimeter, height
  • Powder-coated in safety yellow
  • Corrosion-resistant lightweight aluminum for easy installation and transport 
  • Maintenance-free ergonomic design

A railing system is a great way to keep employees safe from workplace slips, trips, and falls. An accident can delay production or, in worst-case scenarios, lead to injury or death. The YellowGate RS can act as a safeguard, providing a convenient handhold in areas with fall-and-slip risks, which improves user stability and facility manager peace of mind.

Why Choose YellowGate?

  • YellowGate RS systems stand alone and are non-penetrating, making them the ideal choice for temporary applications.
  • The T-Base features five-inch rubber wheels that, with simple male-to-female connectors, can be easily adjusted

Bolster safety in the workplace with the high-performing YellowGate RS railing system supplied by Arm-Tex. An authorized YellowGate distributor in Austin, TX & surrounding areas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, we’re your industrial and commercial application safety solutions provider.  For more information, give us a call.