Erect-A-Step Products

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Erect-A-Step products helps ensure the safety of your workplace. The aluminum stairs, work platforms, and crossover systems help you boost productivity while complying with safety regulations. Designed to meet your exact safety needs, The Erect-A-Step modular platform system can be modified to an endless number of configurations To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, Erect-A-Step systems are manufactured using advanced laser cutting technology and patent-pending designs. 

Erect A Step Modular Platform

Erect-A-Step Systems

Arm-Tex offers three main product lines from Erect-A-Step, including:

  • Erect-A-Step Modular Work Platform: This system is a pre-fabricated modular work platform, stair, and dolly design that can be used in a broad range of industries. It can be modified to a limitless number of configurations, and all components are available in a range of sizes.
  • Roll-A-Step: The Roll-A-Step line of rolling work platforms can be moved from place to place across your worksite. The Roll-A-Step is available in four different series, which can be selected based on your needs.
  • YellowGate: As an OSHA swing gate, the YellowGate prevents an operator from falling back after entry. It offers 20" of adjustability and is a great addition to Erect-A-Step work platforms.

For more information on how Erect-A-Step platforms, stairs, & gates can enhance the safety of your facility, contact Arm-Tex today!