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Weld A Step Modular Platform

From bypassing obstacles to reaching at-height areas, access platforms can boost personnel safety and productivity in industrial settings. Manufactured from sturdy and dependable galvanized carbon steel, Weld A Step ready-to-go work platforms from Inline Fabrication will last long and be there when needed.

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Benefits Of Weld-A-Step Work Platform Systems

Put simply, access platforms create a safe way to cross hazardous areas or get to elevated work environments. Comprised of a non-slip walking surface and handrails to prevent falls, they’re designed to improve maneuverability while reducing injury risks. 

Incorporating a Weldastep access platform into your process offers many advantages. Examples include: 


On the job site, safety is paramount. With anti-slip surfaces, handrails for holding or securing anti-fall devices, and high-visibility yellow coloring, personnel will be secure when utilizing a platform. 

Resists Corrosion 

Manufactured from galvanized carbon steel, Weldastep access platforms & walkovers can withstand the elements. Galvanizing is a process where zinc is applied to carbon steel, creating a robust coating that protects against degradation. 

OSHA Compliant

An on-the-job accident can reduce productivity and hurt employee morale. Our work platform systems comply with OSHA regulations, which keeps vital personnel safe when it matters most.

Easy To Build

Assembling work platforms is easy. Simply set the fully welded components in place and bolt together. Specialized tools or training aren’t needed for installation, and they can be easily disassembled for storage or movement to a new location. 

Budget Friendly

If you shop around, you’ll notice our stairs, ladders, and platforms are the most cost-effective access solutions on the market. We don’t have the overhead of competitors in the space, and welding or hot-work permits aren’t required.

Your Source For Weld-A-Step OSHA Compliant Stairs & Ladders

Whether you’re looking for standard crossover platforms or a custom-designed walkway solution, Arm-Tex is here for you. As an authorized distributor, we can deliver Weldastep access walkovers across the United States of America and throughout the world quickly and affordably. They’re perfect for any industry where obstacles or at-height environments are common.  

How We Work

Arm-Tex knows off-the-shelf access platform solutions aren’t typical. Every job site is different, which is why we work with you to understand the challenges you’re facing. From there, our team can help you develop a series of Weldastep ready-to-go access platforms & walkovers that work for your situation. 

Dedicated to meeting customer needs on time, under budget, and with superior service, Arm-Tex makes it easy to get what you need to complete the job. 

Reach out to us to learn more about Weldastep access platform products.


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