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The safe and effective flow is paramount for success when it comes to fluid transfer processes. For over a decade, the OPW HILTAP series of fittings has provided innovative high- and low-pressure, temperature-sealing transfer solutions for challenging liquid and gas applications. 

As an authorized distributor of OPW Engineered Systems products, Arm-Tex can supply you with the OPW HILTAP fittings you need on time and at competitive prices. Here's a breakdown of this fitting's characteristics and the applications that may benefit from them. 

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Rugged Fittings For Demanding Processes 

OPW HILTAP fittings are all-purpose, high-performance quick couplings renowned for providing non-restrictive flow with no variation in pipe diameter when conditions allow. 

They feature reusable sealing components made of different metals, which have unique hardness and thermal properties. As a result, sealing enhances as temperature changes are encountered. Other advantages of this fitting type include:  

  • Safely Vents Residual Pressure
  • Metal-To-Metal Wedge Seal Design For Repeated Use
  • Leak-Proof Operation
  • Supports Wide Temperature And Pressure Ranges
  • No Variation In Pipe Diameter For Most Sizes
  • Meets ISO 9001: 2015
  • Material Traceability Exists
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

A primary benefit of the fitting is a sleeve retaining ring that ensures safe venting at any residual pressure. This design allows design engineers to specify safe and environmentally responsible connections.

OPW HILTAP fittings can benefit many industries. Some examples include:  

Your Fluid Transfer Solutions Provider 

Moving fluids from one process to another is a known facet of many industries. With the right equipment, it can be done efficiently while protecting employees and the environment.

With Arm-Tex, integrating OPW HILTAP fittings into your fluid-handling process is easy. We're a proud OPW Engineered Systems distributor to clients across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

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