YellowGate XL Barrier Gate

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yellow gate XL at loading dockThe uncontrolled flow of vehicles and people in and around a facility creates heightened safety and environmental hazards for employees and visitors alike. A high-quality barrier gate is a powerful traffic control solution. 

Arm-Tex offers a universal-mount XL barrier gate from YellowGate, a leading industrial safety product manufacturer. The YellowGate XL is a specialized OSHA-complaint gate with up to 90 degrees of movement, regulating the flow of people and cars into and out of a job site. 

Why Choose YellowGate?

  • YellowGate XL barrier gates outlast and outperform the competition. The malbec tensioner found in YellowGate products eliminates the need for a spring, which is a common swing gate failure point. This patent-pending system provides field-adjustable tension and maintenance-free closure, every time. 
  • YellowGate’s universal swing mechanism further reduces complexity and allows for the re-purposing of gates as required. Swing direction can be changed by adjusting a few bolts. Other swing gates require flipping parts or changing mounting positions, which limits flexibility. 

Improved control of access to your facility fosters a safer, more productive work environment. Take your operation to the next level with a YellowGate XL barrier gate from Arm-Tex.


Every XL barrier gate from YellowGate, an Erect-A-Step brand, is manufactured in the United States of America from high-quality materials that can withstand indoor and outdoor work environments. Features of a YellowGate XL barrier gate include:

  • OSHA 1910.23 Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes requirement compliant
  • The maximum opening angle of 90 degrees
  • Easy-action movement 
  • Simple, four-bolt installation
  • Six feet of adjustability 
  • Extends from six to twelve feet
  • Field-reversible swing direction and length
  • Universal mounting system
  • Lightweight, weather-resistant aluminum construction


The YellowGate XL barrier gate offers robust versatility and mobility, which helps create a more secure work environment. Adjustable lengths and swing directions, as well as a universal mounting system, make this barrier gate perfect for a variety of applications. Examples include:

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial marketing
  • Steelmaking
  • Semiconductor
  • Retail
  • Conglomerate
  • Research and development
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automation and transportation
  • Automated production
  • University
  • Recreation
  • Military or government
  • Power generation
  • Consumer goods
  • Heavy equipment
  • Mining
  • Internet
  • Pulp and paper
  • Internet
  • Building materials
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Assembly line

Barrier gates enable security staff to better manage traffic into and around a facility. These systems can also provide a natural bottleneck for spotting intruders and other individuals or guests worth questioning about their on-property activities.

As an authorized YellowGate distributor in areas in Texas such as Amarillo and Austin, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive industrial and commercial access control and safety solutions.  Contact us to learn more about YellowGate XL barrier gates.

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