Mann-Tek Dry Disconnect Cryogenic Coupling

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Dry disconnect cryogenic couplings from Swedish manufacturer, Mann-Tek, takes the uncertainty out of handling LNG and other cryogenic liquefied gases.  Mann-Tek’s robust product design and quality manufacturing processes create a coupling system that reliably eliminates human error and prevents spillage.

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A New Era of Cryogenic Coupling

Safety and reliability concerns are paramount in situations where hoses and pipelines must be connected and disconnected under pressure. Transfers of LNG, Nitrogen and other cryogenic liquefied gases can now be performed in safety and confidence with Mann-Tek’s LNG coupling system.

Mann-Tek Dry Cryogenic Coupling consists of two units: (1) the “tank” unit, which is a type of non-return valve, and (2) the “hose” unit, which has an internal cam for opening or closing the valves in both units at the same time. It’s easy to connect the coupling and open the flow path. An initial push and turn action on the hose unit provides engagement with the tank unit: locking and sealing the two units together. A single-action, straightforward turning motion connects the couplings and opens the flow path. Further rotation opens the internal valves and allows full flow while still maintaining pressure.

Advantages of Mann-Tek Dry Disconnect Cryogenic Coupling

This unique LNG-handling system produces these advantages for the operator:

  • Transfer operations completed in a fraction of the time required for other systems
  • Minimum loss of pressure during transfer
  • Full flow under pressure
  • Usage with a wide range of cryogenic gases
  • Selectivity (coding) to prevent product mix up
  • Zero risks of human error or exposure
  • Elimination of environmental & health hazards
  • No loss of product during transfer connection & disconnection
  • Availability for industrial & marine applications

The Gold Standard for LNG-Handling Safety

Mann-Tek’s Dry Cryogenic Coupling sets the standard for safe operation in cryogenic liquefied gas transfers. The lines cannot be opened until the units are coupled, and they close automatically during uncoupling. This closed system technology brings greater safety and efficiency to these applications:

  • Container discharge
  • Fuel bunkering
  • Tanker loading & unloading
  • Vapor recovery lines

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