Green Self Leveling Stairs

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For over five decades, Green has been a leading manufacturer of safety equipment for tank trucks and railcars. Their high-quality protects have become an industry standard, and Arm-Tex is proud to distribute their access and fall protection units, like the Greenline self-leveling stairs.

Green self-leveling stairs are perfect for accessing the top of a vehicle safely where the required range exceeds angles greater than 15 degrees above or below the working platform height.

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Green’s Model SS Self-Leveling Stairs

Green’s self-leveling stairs are tank truck access gangways and can be used in railcar applications. There are two types available, the basic Model SS self-leveling stairs and the elite series. The basic self-leveling stairs have a non-skid grip strut tread to make sure that operators do not have to worry about slipping. They can also include Green’s fully customizable safety cages and enclosures to provide ultimate fall protection while accessing vehicles.

Mounting options include slide-track, flush-mount, and pivot mounting, and every unit can be custom engineered to meet the specific needs of your operation. If you’re interested in larger models, they may require the use of manually or electrically operated hydraulic lift packages. Optional welded or chain stops are also available. These can prevent the units from traveling beyond a predetermined position.

The Model SS is built with steel, aluminum, and fiberglass (or a combination) and includes grip-strut walking surfaces, box channel side panels, and oil-impregnated bronze flange bushings with individual treads. With aluminum units, galvanized back box sections and back uprights are included.

Green’s Elite Series Stair Units

The elite series self-leveling stairs come with the same components as the Modell SS, but the attached safety cages have more stability, the tread is more durable, and the connection points are more strongly engineered. This unit is also ideal for ISO container access and can be completely customized for your needs. The required range also must exceed 15 degrees above or below the working platform height. The same mounting and materials apply, but the elite series units have enhanced rigidity and come with a more durable tread. Larger handrails and galvanized steel back box sections aback uprights are also available with the aluminum models. An extended last step for safe access to a tank vehicle or ISO container is also included.

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Expedited delivery options are available and easy installation is guaranteed with its simple four-bolt mounting process. If keeping your operators safe is a priority, you cannot go wrong with Green’s safety products. For more information on how either model of self-leveling stairs can benefit your operation, contact an expert at Arm-Tex. With decades of experience in the loading and unloading industry, we can recommend products from our wide inventory of leading brands. And when the time comes to make a purchase, we can get you what you need at a great price and with fast shipping.