Industrial Foldable Access Metal Stairs

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AdjustaStair height-adjustable metal stairs are a high-performance access solution for modern industries. Replace unstable job-made ladders, narrow extension ladders, and rigid switchback stair towers with heavy-duty stairs that adapt to your needs.   

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How Can AdjustaStair Height-Adjustable Metal Stairs Transform Your Worksite?

Whether your company focuses on large-scale commercial construction, transportation, or mining, your team needs to get from point A to point B efficiently. Heavy-duty AdjustaStairs are the answer:

  • Ease of use: With self-leveling treads, the AdjustaStair is easy for personnel to install at any worksite, from docks to construction projects.
  • Versatility: Unlike conventional work ladders and job-made ladders, AdjustaStairs adapt to a variety of jobs, including bridge maintenance, roof repairs, utility access, and event staging.
  • Adjustability: All AdjustaStairs are height-adjustable and feature hand rails, which makes it easy for teams to perform jobs securely.
  • Strength: These industrial stairs are rated with a 660 lb. capacity, allowing for workers to carry heavy loads without sacrificing safety.
  • Portability: AdjustaStairs fold flat for quick storage and transportation between work areas.

Find the ideal fit for your operations with optional mid-landings that adhere to OSHA requirements. These models feature a bolt-on truss that reinforces the weight rating and extendibility of AdjustaStair height-adjustable metal stairs.

What Are the Benefits of Portable Adjustable Metal Stairs and Handrails?

Thanks to their lightweight yet heavy-duty construction, AdjustaStairs improve work operations significantly and offer benefits for efficiency, productivity, and safety:

  • Durability: The marine-grade aluminum balances transportability with high-quality performance day in and day out.
  • Weather resilience: Self-leveling treads and heavy-duty aluminum enhance safety in a variety of outdoor working conditions, from rain to mud.
  • OSHA compliance: The design of AdjustaStairs meets demanding industrial standards, including ANSI/ASSE, OSHA, and Cal/OSHA.
  • Enhanced safety: Replacing impromptu job-made ladders with portable adjustable metal stairs and handrails is always the right call for personnel safety, especially when transporting products, equipment, or work materials.

Get the job done faster without sacrificing your workers’ safety in the process.

Which Industries Use AdjustaStairs?

Virtually all commercial and industrial businesses that need to transfer loads and personnel between levels can benefit from height-adjustable stairs, such as:

  • Event management
  • Manufacturing and warehousing
  • Construction, building maintenance, and repair
  • Shipbuilding and maritime transportation
  • Agricultural
  • Mining

The list of applications is enormous, including loading and unloading operations, excavations, shipyard access, emergency evacuations, and multi-level work tasks.

Why Choose Arm-Tex?

At Arm-Tex, we’re experts in industrial transfer equipment. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing best-in-market pricing, outstanding quality, and legendary customer service. We help manufacturers, contractors, and maintenance personnel find custom transfer solutions, including fiberglass rails for electrical applications.

Choose an OSHA-certified partner for loading systems and worksite safety. Give your personnel a safer and more efficient way to move between platforms. AdjustaStairs only require a small team to set up in minutes, providing the security of a handrail system when transporting loads.

Discover the Advantages of Industrial Foldable Access Stairs for Your Business

At Arm-Tex, we support national and international businesses with practical work solutions and ongoing service and support. Contact us to learn more about AdjustaStair height-adjustable metal stairs or to get expert help with sizing for your application.

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