Hamer Line Blind Valves

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Hamer products offer reliable shut-off integrity where safety is a primary concern and line blinding is a regular requirement.

Known for manufacturing high-performing blind valves, Hamer has developed a stellar reputation for quality and reliability. The single-person operation makes Hamer Line Blind Valves a cost-effective option, when compared to skillet lates, bleed arrangements, double block, removable spools, blanking flanges, standard valves, and other alternative blinding methods.

Hamer Valve Applications

Suited for positive shut-off, Hamer products provide absolute protection against downstream leakage even in the harshest applications, such as:

Modern industrial applications demand rugged, durable devices that consistently perform at the highest levels. As an approved Hamer Valve distributor, Arm-Tex is a valuable resource for countless operations, which demand premium-quality products at affordable prices.

With an unyielding commitment to customer service, Arm-Tex also provides attentive, professional support from expert staff. As a Hamer Line Blind Valve supplier, we are ideally equipped to make recommendations based on your specific needs. Contact our office to learn more about Hamer's line of premium blind valves, along with our many other high-performing products.


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