Green Portable Transloading

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For over fifty years, Green has been a leader in manufacturing safety equipment for tank trucks, railcars, and greenline gangways, and Arm-Tex is proud to distribute its products, such as the Green portable transloading platform.

Green safety units provide a mobile access solution for transloading operations from truck to rail or rail to truck.

They are easily customizable to meet all of the specific needs of your operation. Consider adding a portable transloading system to your operation to keep your workers safe as they access hatches on tanker trucks and railcars.

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Features of the Portable Transloading System

These portable transloading systems are cost-effective and reliable pieces of equipment that boast a variety of features. Like all of Green’s safety equipment, the handrails, mid-rails, and toe-boards of the platforms and stairs are all OSHA compliant. You can also choose a single or double configuration depending on your application, and all units are available with model gangways and safety cages. These enclosures are a staple of Green’s safety equipment line, reducing the risk of falling off of the top of trucks and railcars.

Green’s portable transloading units also include plenty of integration options such as trailer packages, loading arms, hose handlers, pump and metering systems, and operator buildings. You can contact an expert at Arm-Tex for more information on how these can benefit your operation. The units also have a rolling base design which makes them portable and allows them to meet the needs of different sites and operational requirements.

The entire unit can also be customized to meet your application’s specific needs while maximizing the safety and efficiency of your operation. That includes the type of finish you want—Green offers hot-dipped galvanized, gray enamel with safety yellow, aluminum, and plenty of other custom finishes to meet your needs.

The Arm-Tex Advantage

If you want to know what kind of safety and loading systems would best serve your operation, you can contact an Arm-Tex expert. With over 25 years in the transfer and unloading industry, Arm-Tex can help you find the best equipment for your operation in our diverse inventory of industry-leading brands—and at a competitive price. Find out what a truck to rail-mobile access solution can do for you by contacting us for consultation.