Essential to every facility are sturdy platforms, stairs, crossover platforms, and other at-height infrastructure, but they can become unsafe without secure footing.  

Create a solid foundation for this equipment and the personnel who use them with ErectaStep concrete form kits and precast pads provided by Arm-Tex. As an authorized distributor, we’re trusted by clients across many industries to help solve infrastructure foundation challenges. 

concrete pads

Why Concrete Foundation Pads Matter? 

Concrete pads, which are sometimes called mats, are slabs of concrete that sit on or below the ground, serving as a shallow foundation. They create level surfaces to support metal stair and work platform infrastructure, especially on loose or uneven terrain, as well as safely transfer loads.

Additional benefits of concrete foundation pads include: 

  • Meets Building Codes, When Required
  • Boosts Stair Or Platform Longevity 
  • Improves Workplace Safety
  • Aesthetically Appealing To Guests Or Visitors 

The problem is, finding reliable contractors to pour them can be challenging and time-consuming – and the result may not be what you intended. That’s where concrete form kits and precast slabs come into play. 

Concrete Pads, Made Easy 

With concrete form kits from ErectaStep, creating a slab for your stair or platform is fast and straightforward. The form is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and features a 4’ x 4’ footprint.

It’s convenient and includes everything needed for stair footers and foundations – all you have to do is add concrete. No special tools are required, and field fitting to specific height requirements is a snap. Other features include:

  • Form size is engineered to meet OSHA requirements for stair landing and meets structural stability requirements for up to a 6-step ErectaStep system.
  • Allows for zero penetration installation (rooftop installations require rooftop installation tray priced separately)
  • Flat-packed for shipment
  • Ease & quick assembly of the form. Assembles in under 10 minutes from start to ready to pour. -Customer to supply concrete.
  • Kit includes everything for a foundation form, including anchor bolts
  • The finish height is equal to the standard ErectaStep stair tread raised 9”
  • Design Criteria (Foundation Only): 50psf live load / 20psf snow load / 115mph wind load

No Time To Pour A Slab? No Problem. 

Sometimes pouring a concrete pad is challenging, whether it’s tight deadlines or environmental conditions. Specially designed for ErectaStep products, precast pads offer a convenient solution. 

Poured with high-strength concrete, these pads are stocked and ready for installation. A skid-steer loader can unload the precast pad and drop it in place upon delivery, eliminating the need to send an LTL shipment or order an entire cement mixer. They can be field-fitted with no special tools to meet exact height requirements. 

concrete pads

Precast concrete pads provide many advantages: 

  • Made for ErectaStep metal stairs and work platforms
  • Chamfered edges
  • Standard Dimensions: 3′ x 4′ x 9″ and 2' x 4' x 9' 
  • A forklift or boom truck is needed for offloading and getting the pads near the installation location
  • Once in place, easy installation involves just a shovel, tape measure, and level
  • Can be delivered with an ErectaStep platform upon request

Ideal Applications For Tower Concrete Form Kits Or Precast Concrete Pads?

Put simply, any job site where a secure foundation is needed to support stairs, platforms, or other work-at-height infrastructure can benefit from these products. Examples include: 

      • Refineries
      • Water Treatment
      • Chemical Plants
      • Asphalt and Cement
      • Pipeline Terminals
      • Construction
      • Research And Development
      • Entertainment
      • Pharmaceutical 
      • Maintenance
      • Industrial
      • Material Handling
      • Energy
      • Marine
      • Internet 
      • Power Generation
      • Aviation And Aerospace
      • Heavy Equipment
      • Mining
      • Warehousing
      • Distribution
      • Semiconductor
      • Military And Government 

Stair concrete form kits and precast concrete foundation pads are perfect for remote locations or tank farms with high concrete containment berms, which can make it hard to get equipment inside.


Let’s Get Started

At Arm-Tex, it’s our goal to deliver innovative infrastructure foundation products that improve your processes. We’re happy to help you find the best one for your application. 

Reach out to us to learn more about ErectaStep concrete form kits and precast concrete pads.  

All concrete form kits from Erect-A-Step are manufactured in the United States of America and come standard with large and slip-resistant 3' x 4' x9’ and 2' x 4’ x 9' thick. They are available in both OSHA- and IBC-compliant configurations.

Interested in an ErectaStep concrete form kit or precast concrete pads but would love to see a sample model prior to purchasing? Call 800-536-198 or email today to request a free model along with some additional resources!

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