Wilcox Composite Hoses

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Thermoplastic HoseEngineered to deliver maximum chemical compatibility and on-the-job performance, Wilcox Composite Hoses from US Hose provides substantial advantages over rubber and metal hoses. Manufactured using multiple tight-wound thermoplastic films and tubes, these high-quality products provide a barrier to permeation, thanks to a uniquely specialized manufacturing process, which ensures an ideal pitch and gauge of the outer and inner wires to guarantee consistency and conformity every time.

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The result is an especially flexible thermoplastic hose that won't collapse or kink while providing superior safety, performance, and exceptional service life. 

Arm-Tex helped a major Mid Stream pipeline company with their loading system using Wilcox composite hoses. Read more.

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Willcox Composite Hose

  • Flexible, kink-proof, and light-weight for easy handling
  • High flexibility even in low atmospheric temperatures
  • Multi-layer construction prohibits catastrophic failures
  • Age- and fatigue-free construction
  • Manufactured and engineered to the highest standards
  • Tight in-house checks and controls ensure a quality,
    consistent product
  • Meet or exceed The United States Coast Guard
    Regulations 33 CFR Section 154.500 and Section
    154.810 and The British Standard BS5842 (1980)

Today's rigorous industrial applications demand high-performing products from reliable, experienced providers. For over 30 years, Arm-Tex has provided leading-edge products to countless customers working within the fluid handling equipment field. Throughout this period, we've established a top reputation for providing safe, reliable fluid transfer products that perform at high levels for years on end. Contact our office to learn more about Willcox Composite Hoses and our other numerous quality products.