OPW Top Loading Arms

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Top Loading ArmArm-Tex's focus on meeting the specific needs of our demanding customer base, means we offer the best and technically advanced top loading arm solutions to suit almost any application in the world. Our various top loading arms designs from OPW Engineered Systems and Liquip allow us to handle virtually any liquid , LPG, LNG, chemical, asphalt , and sulphur in a safe and reliable manner.

Our loading arms have been expertly engineered and are available in carbon steel, carbon steel / aluminum, stainless steel, low temperature carbon steel, Hastelloy and Titanium. Lining with PTFE and vulcanized rubber can also be provided as your application requires. Arm-Tex has been working for 25 years with its customers to design and build the best truck and tankcar transfer systems to meet and exceed process requirements.

Benefits of Top Loading Arm Systems:

  • Sufficient horizontal range to reach the farthest compartment without respotting the vehicle.
  • Sufficient vertical movement and drop-pipe lengths to service vehicles of varying heights is also necessary.
  • Can be used for tight-fill and vapor recovery applications when used with specially designed and engineered components, such as vapor plates, tapered hatch plugs, Civacon overfill and ground monitoring, and inflatable hatch seals.
  • Special top loading arm designs can be supplied with a wide range of valves, fittings, safety breakaway connections, steam jacketing, heat trace, level and ground monitoring.

Top Loading ArmArm-Tex has a long established reputation in the petroleum, chemical and food industries for providing effective loading and unloading systems for the safe and efficient handling of liquids. We work closely with you to design the best system for your application.

Contact Arm-Tex today for more information on our top loading arms for your project or for parts or technical manuals to repair an arm still in service.