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Inline Fabrication Pipe Supports

For critical piping system applications, changes in load, temperature, and movement can make the difference between safe operation and complete failure. Ensure everything is secure and safe with Inline Fence & Fabrication pipe supports supplied by Arm-Tex.

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Benefits Of Pipe Supports

Pipe supports are critical components of an effective piping system. They’re accessories used to transfer loads from the pipe to a supporting structure or equipment


Sometimes just called supports, these components are typically built from high-strength materials capable of shouldering and distributing loads. This boosts piping performance, lifespan, operational productivity, and safety. 


Determining the best pipe support product for an application hinges on various factors, including the intended operating environment, budget, and piping system size. Generally speaking, they serve an array of purposes:

  • Reduce Pipe Stresses 
  • Eliminate Leakage At Joints
  • Accommodate Movement Or Shifting
  • Absorb Vibrations 
  • Minimize Wind Stress And Water Hammering
  • Reduce Pipe Sag
  • Ensure Safe, Consistent Piping System Operation 


Inline Fabrication Pipe Supports

Trusted Provider Of Custom Pipe Supports 

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all pipe supports. Applications may encounter harsh operating environments or issues requiring a personalized touch. Inline Fence & Fabrication is a leading manufacturer of pipe supports tailored to client specifications.


Inline Fence & Fabrication manufactures pipe supports in many sizes and configurations.

  • Standard Pipe Supports
  • Above Ground Pipe Supports
  • Custom Pipe Supports
  • Fixed Pipe Supports
  • Adjustable Pipe Supports
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Shim Block Plate Assemblies
  • Shim Base Plate Assemblies

Items they fabricate can be provided with or without base plates and mounting holes. All products come standard with thermoplastic I-Rod liners and galvanized U-Bolts coated with a durable UV-stable polyolefin sleeve to ensure optimal performance.


As a Texas-based company, turnaround time is fast and quality is high. Shipping costs are competitive. 

Piping Skid Solutions

Piping skids are the backbone of many industrial operations. It’s best to adequately support the piping, valves, gauges, pressure regulators, and flanges they contain to get the most out of them. Inline Fence & Fabrication specializes in manufacturing custom pipe supports for pump skids and piping skids. 


Inline Fabrication Pipe Supports

Your Source For Inline Fabrication Pipe Supports 

As an Inline Fabrication distributor, Arm-Tex can help find the right products for your application. With decades of experience solving client challenges, our team can get you what’s needed on time and under budget, helping you stay productive when it’s most critical. 


We’re proud to be trusted by clients across many industries to provide fluid-handling solutions. 


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial
  • Material Handling
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Internet
  • Power Generation
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Semiconductor
  • Military & Government 


Contact us to learn more about Inline Fabrication’s industrial pipe supports. Our team is happy to answer your questions. 


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