Flame Arrestors

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Flame Arrestor DiagramRepresenting  Enardo and Shand and Jurs, the world's leading manufacturers, Arm-Tex distributes leading-edge flame arrestors for customers working throughout a variety of industries

A critical asset for countless operations, flame arrestors prevent potential fires and explosions by inhibiting flame as the gas passes through. There are numerous situations that call for flame arrestors, and there are numerous different varieties of flame arresting devices. That said, all operate on the same basic principle: removing heat from a flame as it travels through narrow passages with metal walls or some other heat-conductive material.

Arm-Tex offers a diverse selection of flame arrestors with the maximum flow to pressure drop characteristics. Our extensive portfolio of products includes a free vent, in-line, detonation, and high-pressure deflagration arrestors. We also offer leading-edge devices that utilize crimped-metal, spiral wound ribbon flame cell elements, which inhibit flame propagation, dissipate and absorb heat, while providing max flow and a minimum pressure drop across the element.Flame Arrester Diagram

Available in a wide array of styles, Enardo and Shand & Jurs flame arrestors provide an essential function for countless operations. When it comes to choosing the right flame arrestor, however, one size does not fit all. In addition to providing a comprehensive product selection, Arm-Tex also offers an experienced staff of industry professionals who are ideally qualified to match you with the right flame arresting product, based on your industry and application.

Contact our office to learn about our line of quality flame arresting devices. Our expert staff is ready to answer your critical questions and make recommendations based on your unique operational requirements.