yellowgate swing gate animationWorkers who spend time on exposed or busy rooftops, platforms, or walkways have an increased risk of accident or injury. A great way to keep valued personnel secure is a safety swing gate.

Arm-Tex offers a universal-mount safety swing gate from YellowGate, a leading industrial safety product manufacturer. A safety swing gate is a specialized OSHA-complaint gate that opens in one direction, preventing an operator from falling back through after entry.

OSHA Safety Swing Gate

yellowgate on stairsPlatform swing gates are one of the best mechanisms to keep employees safe from workplace falls. A drop from a significant height can cause severe injury or death. A safety swing gate from YellowGate can act as a safeguard to give you and your staff a little more peace of mind than standard swing gates.

Why Choose YellowGate?

  • The malbec tensioner found in YellowGate products eliminates the need for a spring, which is a common swing gate failure point. This patent-pending system provides field-adjustable tension and maintenance-free closure, every time.
  • YellowGate’s universal swing mechanism further reduces complexity and allows for gate re-purposing as required. Adjusting a few bolts can change swing direction. Other swing gates require flipping parts or changing mounting positions, which limits flexibility. 
  • Making safety a top workplace priority sets a standard that keeps production moving and employees protected.


All safety gates from YellowGate, an Erect-A-Step brand, are manufactured in the United States of America from robust materials that can withstand indoor and outdoor work environments. Features of a YellowGate safety swing gate include:

  • OSHA 1910.23 Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes requirement compliant
  • The maximum opening angle of 108 degrees
  • 20 inches of adjustability 
  • Extends from 16 to 36 inches
  • Field-reversible swing direction and length
  • Universal mounting system


yellow gate lower view on a platformA YellowGate platform swing gate brings unmatched adjustability and mobility, which helps create a safer work environment. Adjustable lengths and swing directions, as well as a universal mounting system, make this swing gate ideal for a range of situations, including the following:

  • Rooftops
  • Walkways
  • Work elevator access
  • Ladders
  • Unauthorized area access prevention
  • Slip or fall safeguard
  • Machinery protection
  • Authorized personnel access


With 20 inches of adjustability, YellowGate’s universal safety swing gate covers the largest opening distance of any swing gate on the market. All you need to do is mount the gate, then simply slide the gate to the desired opening width and tighten the adjustment bolts.


Mounting a YellowGate safety swing gate is easy. There’s no measuring, cutting, or welding required for installation. The safety swing gate can mount in just about any orientation, with no additional parts needed. Examples include the following:

  • Parallel 
  • Perpendicular
  • Wall
  • Round tube
  • Square tube
  • Angle iron

Find the best safety swing gate for your application with assistance from Arm-Tex. Arm-Tex is a proud YellowGate distributor for areas in Texas such as Amarillo and Austin. In addition, we also service Oklahoma, New Mexico, and many more. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the YellowGate universal swing gate. Contact us today!  Give us a call for additional information about the YellowGate universal-mount safety swing gate.