Kuriyama Vapor Recovery Hoses

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Vapor recovery is a critical necessity for countless companies, which are required by law to mitigate the expulsion of potentially explosive and noxious fumes. One of the industry's most trusted names, Kuriyama manufacturers the world's most reliable vapor recovery hoses, used throughout the world by organizations that can't afford to settle for second-tier products.

Kuriyama Vapor Recovery Hoses

Kuriyama Vapor Recovery Hose Features and Advantages:

  • Increased durability: Heavy-duty construction, featuring thick walls for enhanced lifespan.
  • Biofuel Compatible: Made with a revolutionary polyurethane compound, these hoses are specially designed to handle gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and ethanol vapors.
  • Increased flexibility: Non-permeable polyurethane construction won't become stiff or swell like conventional TPR/rubber hoses - even in sub-zero weather.
  • Maneuverable: Much lighter weight when compared to conventional TPR/rubber hoses.
  • Transparency: “See-through” construction allows for a visual confirmation to guard against fuel backup in the vapor recovery systems.
  • Grounding Wire: Multi-strand copper wiring dissipates static electricity.
  • Easy Slide Helix: Durable counter-clockwise helix design allows the hose to slide easily over rugged surfaces to prevent cover wear.

Key Details:

  • General App: Tank truck vapor recovery
  • Composition: Polyurethane (TPU) tube with embedded grounding wire and rigid PVC helix
  • Service Temperature: -40ºF to 140ºF

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