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A major Mid Stream pipeline company in West Texas is loading Crude oil at their new terminal outside Colorado City, TX to transport to markets in South Texas. The terminal is 12 lanes and the loading is done with API dry disconnect couplers and Wilcox composite hoses. The hose and coupler are appx 40 pounds and the truck driver is required to lift and connect this assembly to their trailer. 

This company is known for safety and ergo dynamics inside its facilities and asked Arm-Tex if there was a better way to load trucks that were safer for the drivers. We suggested a “bypass” loading arm that does not see the product in the arm but lifts and supports the hose and coupler, making it almost weightless! 

Arm-Tex was able to deliver all the arms in 5 weeks. This major Mid Stream pipeline company and the drivers are loving the ease of operation with this simple to install bypass spring balanced loading arm. We can retrofit YOUR terminal with this same arm and have it ready to load as soon as you're ready to make life safer and easier. 



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naes-logoSandy Creek Energy Station, owned by NAES, located in Riesel, Texas had their maintenance and operations personnel walk over 300 yards around these barriers before they chose Erect A Step prefabricated, modular platforms and crossover systems. Erect A Step is an OSHA-certified, platform, stair, ladder, and handrail system that bolts together in the field using only one size nut and bolt, requiring no welding, painting, permits, or special tools or equipment for installation. NAES employees are saving hours time and miles on their feet by using Erect A Step, making their work hours more productive and SAFER. 


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