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ThermoProbe TP7 Petroleum Gauging ThermometerAs a trusted distributor for the industry's top brands, Arm-Tex provides premium-quality, precision, portable digital thermometers for specialty applications, explosive environments, and rugged field use.

Typically used in the volume-temperature gauging of petroleum and chemical products, industrial thermometers are critical tools for refineries, rail and marine transport, tank farms, pipeline facilities, and petroleum inspectors. Serving customers across a broad array of fields and industries, Arm-Tex is proud to offer a diverse range of temperature testing products, including:

  • TP2-C Petroleum Gauging Thermometer
  • TP5-C Petroleum Gauging Thermometer
  • TP7 Petroleum Gauging Thermometer
  • TP8 Petroleum Gauging Thermometer
  • Probe Assembly for TP2-C, TP5-C, TP7, and TP8
  • TL1-A Laboratory Thermometer
  • TL1-R Laboratory Thermometer
  • TL1-W Laboratory Thermometer

ThermoProbe Applications:

  • Petroleum Inventory Control
  • Explosive Environments
  • Custody Transfer of Bulk Liquid Commodities
  • Meter Proving
  • Precision Laboratory & Field Applications
  • Pipeline, Railcar, Ship, Barge, Tank Farms
  • The Food Processing Industry

Created as an effective alternative to inaccurate glass thermometers, ThermoProbe digital thermometers offer unique characteristics you won't see in standard electronic thermometers. These devices are also listed as intrinsically safe to North American, Japanese, and European safety standards, making them valuable assets for organizations that demand the highest-performing products on the market today.

A valued ally for numerous companies working throughout a variety of fields and industries, Arm-Tex has delivered the world's finest devices for nearly a third of a century. During this time, we've built a lasting reputation for providing effective solutions for our clients' most difficult challenges. Contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more about our industrial-grade thermometers. Our expert staff is happy to answer every one of your important questions and provide recommendations based on your specific needs.