Enardo Model 660 & 660-L Spring-Loaded Thief Hatches

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Hydrogen Sulfide, or sour gas, is a gas commonly found during the drilling and production of crude oil and natural gas, wastewater treatment, fluid storage tanks, and sewer systems. Produced as a result of the microbial breakdown of organic materials in the absence of oxygen, it’s colorless but has a noticeable rotten egg smell. 

Sour gas is a silent threat, often invisible to the body’s senses. Exposure can cause injury or death, which brings production to a halt. Safeguard personnel and process equipment from harm with Enardo Model 660 and 660-L spring-loaded thief hatch supplied by Arm-Tex. 

A Thief Hatch For Pressure Control

Enardo Model 660 & 660-L spring-loaded thief hatches are designed with a round base and cover. They’re intended for use in applications where tight sealing is critical, such as those subjected to sour gas or strict environmental emissions standards.

While similar, there are slight differences between the two models.

enardo 660 spring loaded thief hatch

Model 660

A spring-loaded thief hatch designed with a round base and cover. It’s suitable for use on steel and fiberglass tanks that require a tighter seal for reduced vapor loss. 



enardo 660-l spring loaded thief hatch

Model 660-L

A spring-loaded thief hatch designed with a long basin and cover. The basin serves as a thief shelf. The design also includes an inclining base to keep the basin level.


Both models feature non-sparking aluminum construction with a standard HNBR or optional Viton® pressure gasket. The standard vacuum gasket is Fluorosilicone, but Viton® and Teflon® are optional. Optional upgrades for the Model 660 or 660-L thief hatch for pressure control include base gaskets, bolt sets, and non-corrosive coatings.

Your Enardo Product Source 

Enardo 660 & 660-L thief hatches are perfect for controlling evaporation losses, allowing vapors to flow freely, and protecting tanks against excessive pressure or vacuum. As a proud distributor of Enardo products throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, Arm-Tex can meet your needs quickly and affordably. 

Give us a call to learn more about a thief hatch for vacuum control. Our experts are happy to discuss your situation in greater detail. 

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